The road ahead

I’m unsure of the exact date, but one of the days in September of 1999 was my first day at a little basement web shop called Infomedia. Today, nearly 14 years later, is my last.

It’s hard to conceive of that much time elapsing while sitting in one place, but I’m grateful to have seen the company that I met those years ago grow into what it is today. On my first day, I joined a rag-tag group of males in the basement of a strip mall. On my last day, I leave a diverse and mature web development agency that offers a full suite of services and has hundreds of active clients. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of that growth and to help push Infomedia forward, and I’m appreciative of the growth that it has fostered in me.

It’s been incredible to watch the web as it has changed and matured over that span of time. On the first day, I learned to hack tables and use spacer gifs to create static HTML layouts, and now I’m working on robust content delivery systems and building the presentational layers with little more than CSS. Web fonts have happened, open source CMSes have happened, JavaScript libraries have happened, web standards have happened, the mobile explosion has happened, video has happened, the cloud has happened, responsive web design has happened, and I’ve been fortunate to have had a constant vantage point for it all and to work in an environment that has allowed me to explore and implement these advancements.

When I started, way back in the dark ages of the web, I had no idea that this would be my career. From an oddly early age, I knew that I wanted to be a commercial artist, and by the time I got to college that meant being a graphic designer. But the problem with graphic design was that the only jobs were in advertising. And that meant spending your days creating clever ploys to get people to buy things they don’t need and are often against their best interest. I wanted none of it; I was determined to do something with my life that would be a net positive for the environment around me and for the people that I served. When I started, I didn’t think this would be it.

In the early days of working on the web, I was discouraged that my job was something that didn’t matter outside of this one budding medium. And it’s been exciting to see how much this medium has transformed the world around us and transformed our experiences within it and with each other. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of that transformation, and fortunate to see the positive impact that the work I do can have on others.

It’s time to further that trajectory with the next chapter in my career—to do bigger things, be more focused in my pursuits, and have an even greater impact with the work I do. It’s hard to leave the Infomedia family that I’ve known for so long, but I’m excited to make some footprints of my own. Where that path leads, I have no idea, but I’m eager to explore it and I’ll certainly keep you updated along the way.

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