Project: new desk

A few months ago, I began the process of building a new desk. I had acquired an old drafting table top (with orange moving sticker that absolutely makes it for me) and searched in vain over the course of a few weeks for a suitable base. After several dead ends, I did the usual and dove headfirst into a project that was well beyond my proven skills. Sure I’ve built a lot of things over the years, but the idea I had for this one required joining and edging techniques that I’d never tried before.

I started with a single piece of ash and ripped that down into the basic pieces of the desk. I put a 45 degree bevel on the corners of the legs, and chiseled out some hidden joints for the top frame and bottom crosspieces. A few coats of tung oil and the new desk was born.

Still ahead is a second phase where I’ll add a hinge and backpiece to the top that will allow me to put it at an angle for drawing.

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