New work: music for Von Braun documentary

This week, my musical cohorts and I have been hard at work creating music for Alabama Public Television’s upcoming documentary on Wernher von Braun. It’s been fun and enlightening working out of my element–making music with synths, loops, and a whole lot of iPad.

It’s truly amazing the kind of tools that the iPad brings within reach of the working musician–sounds and capabilities that just a few years ago would have cost thousands and relied on shaky, vintage equipment. Among the best-of list for this project thusfar are the indispensable Animoog and the novel interface of the Fingrophone. It’s amazing how much more intuitive touch-based interfaces can be at times, providing a tactile experience that has been a serious deficiency of previous computer music-making software.

Stay tuned. The documentary airs in late March.

And if you missed my last soundtrack for APT, the (southeast regional) Emmy-nominated Sloss: Industry to Art, give it a listen over at the APT website. Oh, and the documentary is incredible too.


Listen to ‘Operation Paperclip’ from the soundtrack.

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