The road ahead

I’m unsure of the exact date, but one of the days in September of 1999 was my first day at a little basement web shop called Infomedia. Today, nearly 14 years later, is my last.

It’s hard to conceive of that much time elapsing while sitting in one place, but I’m grateful to have seen the company that I met those years ago grow into what it is today. Continue reading

12 for ‘12: a year of music to work by

The world is full of year-end lists, and at the end of every year I discover a lot of great music from them. I’m now of the age where I wouldn’t consider myself as being on the pulse of anything besides esoteric Finnish rock and modern composers whose primary instrument is distortion, so I don’t feel qualified to summarize the importance of this year’s musical output. Instead, I’d like to offer the records that have been the soundtrack to the work I’ve produced in 2012. Continue reading

On the meaning of ‘design’

To clients, one of the most confusing aspects of the job we do as web designers lies in communicating the meaning of that pesky word “design.” It’s the kind of word that you can have whole conversations about and have both parties walk away with entirely different assumptions about what was discussed. For we designers, it basically means the totality of our work–often spanning reasearch, user identification, content strategy, sitemapping, wireframing, prototyping, and yes, finally, a visual representation of it all. To most clients, it just means “art”, as in “just throw some money at it and a gorgeous finished website will pop out the other end.”


The death of desktop

I’ve been making websites for desktop computers for 13 years now. And It crossed my mind recently that, based on a little rough math, I’ve created well over 500 unique designs. In hindsight, they weren’t always pretty. But much of that was because web design was still in its infancy when I started–no web fonts, no css, and no jquery, just a bunch of awful tables and spacer gifs. Life was honestly pretty rough if you had any expectation of creating great design for the web environment. Continue reading

No, seriously. Hello World.

Well, I finally did it.  After years of acting like I didn’t have much to say, I’ve finally started a blog.  Partially as an exercise in learning WordPress, which my company has recently adopted, and partly because after 13 years building websites I know a thing or two worth passing along.

I’d like to keep this reasonably focused on UX and design, but I’m sure it will also be filled with plenty of off-topic ramblings and extracurricular items.  I hope you’ll bear with me through those.

So here goes, well, something.