Zeldman and the giant redesign

The web design community is aflame with comments and criticism over Jeffrey Zeldman’s most recent redesign–a stark, content-first (well, content-only) layout that looks undeniably odd against the norm of modern desktop web design.  This single-column, text-only layout has attracted a wide assortment of vitriol, prompting a rebuttal from the man himself.  You’d think the guy raped a panda. Continue reading

The problem with timeline

Welcome to Timeline, another “worst update ever” from Facebook. As with every tweak to this social epicenter, it’s difficult to distinguish real user disgust from reactionary resistance to change. It seems that every Facebook rollout is greeted with pitchforks and torches until the next version bestows on it a sainthood as “the good old Facebook we knew and loved.” Continue reading

No, seriously. Hello World.

Well, I finally did it.  After years of acting like I didn’t have much to say, I’ve finally started a blog.  Partially as an exercise in learning WordPress, which my company has recently adopted, and partly because after 13 years building websites I know a thing or two worth passing along.

I’d like to keep this reasonably focused on UX and design, but I’m sure it will also be filled with plenty of off-topic ramblings and extracurricular items.  I hope you’ll bear with me through those.

So here goes, well, something.